Break up problems?

How you can left yourself up after breakup? How you feel happy again?


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  • EVERYONE makes a promise to him/herself

    And they never broke it

    For me that was not talking to her ever again and I m pretty much on to it...

    Not sure about being happy or sad of it..

    But with time you find someone far better and lovable that you totally forget of those people...

    • Do you think if I will not talk to him again will be better. .. I mean I didn't delete him from my snapchat yet

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    • Not good...
      But quite effective in my case..

      Still my heart skips a beat Every time i think of meeting her somewhere again..

      But this makes me forget about her most of the time...

      by the way my fb password is still her name...

      As it reminds me of not doing the same mistake again

      Everything I use Facebook 😐😝😇

    • 😂😂😂😂😂

Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly I cried for like three weeks. But after that I hung out with friends and tried to occupy my mind with stuff I like doing. Everyone takes it differently. Crying just helped me let my emotions escape. Eventually I felt better. You'll still think about them from time to time though that'll never go away. But they fade with time and before you know it there will be a cute guy you've taken a liking to.


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  • It will take some time. Everyone goes through this phase. You might feel lost right now, but after a while, I promise you will feel better.

    • It is really hard 😔

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    • Thank you

    • No problem. If you have problems , try to delete his stuff out of your life. It is the literally the worst when you still have stuff around that constantly reminds you of that person.

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  • Weirdly, I think there are phases we have to go through before getting back in the game or our usual selves. When looking at an ex doesn't hurt or leave an empty ache in your chest... you'll know you're over him.


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