My ex broke up with me a week later says she has new boyfriend?

Me and my now ex had been together for 3 1/2yrs, but recently had to split because living on our own became a challenge money wise, but after 2 weeks of me being back home we talked over text a lot and otp, one day I got a text from her saying that I was cheating and that she was done because of kik, she seen my profile I tried telling her that I was not doing anything wrong as in talking to any girls I was just having regular conversations with people, anyways she cut contact with me since then but text me saying that she had a new boyfriend already that she lived and he made her very happy, I kinda lost it because she blocked me again after telling me this so I created a fake profile to try and talk to her a couple times and each time she told to leave her alone because she has someone else but a week before we was talking about getting married, I don't know what to thinking how can someone talk about marriage and then tell me she has someone else, and block me from contact, so now I've decided to stop trying for a while because she threaten me, I was going to give her maybe at least her birthday in 5 months to try and make contact again and maybe send flowers and a gift to her house, I just wanna know if I'm wasting my time trying, is she just telling me she has someone else to hurt me


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  • Ok one of two things happened here. Either she kind of twisted the KiK thing intentionally to break up with you without looking like it was her idea. (Instead it was "your fault.") Or she is trying to get back at you bc she thinks you did that. Since she is blocking you also, I doubt it is to get back at you and I think it's the first thing I said about making something up. No one moves in together after a week. She's been talking to him for awhile

    • I'msorry I didn't mean to she moved in I'm meant to say she told me she moved on

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    • I thought so too but, we lived together and I never seen her texting anyone or on the phone with anyone, to even be suspicious

    • But I never felt like I had to check her phonelike she did with mines

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