I called it off, but now im sad =/ ?

She's Catholic. and Im non - denominational. We agree on some things, but disagree on a lot of fundamentals. I just didn't want to be divided when it came to something so important to us both so I called it off.

Now, im just kinda sad. I don't know if I made the right move. It makes sense logically, but also just kind of sucks. Did I do the right thing?


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  • How sad
    Your ancestors have successfully manupulated your life decisions on stories they fed you to believe
    Now you are willing to give up potential love because of silly fake no proof religious fundamentals

    Love people not fundementals lol
    Love has no boundaries

  • No. You go to your church her to hers and you never talk about it

  • If religion is that important for one one of you, it's better to move on.


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