Will he come back? Signs?

He dumped me cause he's in college I'm in high school, so he thinks it couldn't work out. He says he still has feelings for me and loves me. Said we could still talk. We were friends for one or two months, then he said he wanted a break, then it changed to "we shouldn't talk or hang anymore." We hung out 2 weeks ago and he cuddled with me and it went well. There's no other girl, I know that. He said its over. I started messaging him today and he said "just leave me for fucks sake" and was being kinda mean. I then went out with my sister and brother in law. When I came back home I found lots of messages and missed calls from him, saying "(my name)?" "Please I'm sorry" and "I didn't want to be mean to you." Things like that. He said he loved me a lot. He said he'd always love me twice after breaking up, and he meant it in a nonplatonic way.
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  • He will, but it'll hurt you again


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