Plausible to Resurface with Ex after Shutting them out for 2 Months?

I will do my best effort in keeping it short and concise.

My partner and I have both been actively playing the dating game leading to our relationship spanning somewhere around six months. May not seem much to the average Joe, but it's the quality not the quantity. I was her first kiss and whatnot.
She was my serenity, so much more that I was blinded by love.

She was a devoted Christian and it was out of her commandments to mingle with a non-Christian. Religious complications persuaded her to end things. I was a spiraling wreck, nervous breakdown got the better of me. It was a big blow when I learned she moved on and starting seeing a new guy (possibly a rebound relationship).

I succumbed to shutting her out entirely, after my last phone call with her. Hearing her apathetic tone, she told me she no longer yearns to talk to me, because it hurts. For simplicity's sake our aloof conversation was a dead giveaway that she was firm on her decision, it hurt so much despite clinging to pain that was stifling my happiness, that now I was dragging myself.

Instead of calling me, she shot me a text the following day saying she was not mad, but indeed disappointed, and how she would not neglect me in public if we ever ran into one another. From my unbiased perspective it was clear I could not accept the naked truth of my ex swooning over a new fella.

Shutting her out ran a duration of two months tops; With that said I genuinely love her, missing her is inevitable. I ended things in a hasty manner, and would it be plausible if I resurfaced by writing her a letter and delivering it to her house by hand. I figure calling her is stooping low, not to mention texting. My intent is not beg for her hand, but to make up. The letter would primarily be open to interpretation, seeing it that she broke up with me, it is highly unlikely she would mend our former relationship.
Just leave it be, and let destiny take its course.

Your feedback is appreciated, cheers!


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  • Leave the past in the past


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