We got separated because of his job for the summer, he kissed another girl, was thinking of her, now came back and wants me back. What should I do?

We were together for 5 months. We were so close, so many problems came up but we fought them together, we cried together many times. We were from different kind of families, and my parents were afraid, I was told to leave him, but I couldn't, we were connected very deep emotionally. I was telling him my problems with the parents and that was making him really sad, and maybe he believed that I was a racist. And that was so wrong. I shouldn't have told him all these stuff. But he wasn't leaving, and that is why I say all of these, to show that he really wanted to be with me and so did I. I was fighting with my parents all day for him.
This summer he left for a job in a hotel for 4 months. The first month we were talking a lot, despite the fact that his timetable was strict. Maybe 2 hours a day. One day we had an fight, and we didn't talk for one day. After 2-3 days that we were good, he met a tourist girl. They were just friends in a bigger company and half an hour before she left, something changed and they kissed. He told me 10 days later.
He said he wasn't able to forget her, was really sorry, is an asshole, doesn't deserve me, doesn't want me to go, wants me in his life, but then i will feel an option, and he can't tell me he loves me when he thinks of another one too, and he knows he will change his mind but then he won't come to me because i will have continue. Plus they were talking every 2-3 days online.. He also told me he was thinking to travel to see her.
I said I can't be a choice l am sorry, decide in two days and tell me. He said he couldnt decide he was in a mind fucking situation , and that went on for one month. He was telling he couldnt lie, that he is talking once in a week with her and think of her. Less, but still. l blocked him. And i said i needed time.
In one month he came back and he says he doesn't think of her, nor want to travel to see her, he feels awful, he is sorry, and he asked me what do i want us to do. I want him back. What do i do?


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  • This situation is like going in the back of the fridge and finding spoiled, curdled milk.
    Sticking it back in the fridge.
    Coming back later.
    And hoping it's going to be good to drink again.

    My two cents you need to move on. Nothing good can come of this, it's like a merry go round, up and down, round and round. You gotta get off the ride, if it isn't one thing, it;s another.


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  • He cheated. Why is this even a question


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