Too much forgiveness?

My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for about 13 months now. We also have a 5 week old daughter. Well, in the beginning of our relationship he wouldn't stop texting his ex girlfriend whom he called his "best friend" even though I asked him not to. This lead to arguments and to me finding out he was secretly texting her behind my back. I forgave him. Several months later while snooping through his phone I discovered he was still texting her and had went to see her right before he picked me up. Yet another argument unfolded however I forgave him, again. Let me remind you that I was pregnant at the time as well. At last, about two weeks before my due date he met some girl online on some car site. They instant messages each other, sent pictures but yet again I forgave him. In the end he's put me through so much. Is this relationship worth continuing?


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  • well in my eyes, it is a bit late for that question ... approx 10 month and one week to late ...

    you both are responsable for someone who actually can do nothing about the things that will go on in the future, but depends on those things ... depends on both of you ...

    i think you both should have a talking about this ... the sooner the better ...


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  • No.

    Your title clearly states that you know the answer to your own question as well: too much forgiveness is exactly right.

    You deserve better.

  • It sounds like he's not wanting to stay in a committed relationship with you...of course, you have to be in contact now because you had a baby with him. I wouldn't stay with him because if he hasn't committed to you and your child, he probably won't ever commit to either of you.

    I also agree with sammysamson that you two brought another person into the situation who had nothing to do with what you two argue about, so comething needs to be arranged so that your baby will have some kind of stability. however, I'm not trying to tell you what to do and how to raise your kid! ha just some advice! Hope everything works out! Good luck :)

  • I honeslty couldn't deal with it. I have trust issues without going through that. I can get why would be try to forgive him more because you have a child together but do you want your daughter having to live with that? I'm not a parent but I have a niece and nephew but I know for me I try to be an example for them. In the end it has to be your decision to continue it or not. . But think about your daughter. It may seem like I'm trying to tell you to leave but that's just how I feel. I hope everything works out for you.


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