Why do the guy I talked with he stops me to not wearing a sexy clothes go to work but he talk with my friend about rude questions? Can explain? Why?


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  • he likes you for wife nut thinks your friend is just for fucking

    • But I wonder he ask me only kiss nothing more than this... he always jealous but he still looking at another girls and I ask him you like sexy girl? He said no ! But we are not girlfriend or boyfriend yet but he start jealous.. I don't understand if he like me why he still look at another girl?

    • because he's an idiot. he hopes he can fuck the other girl now and keep you poure until he's ready to mary

  • He has started liking you and he is uncomfortable...

    • He never asking for sexy photos or ask me about fuck ! But he looks at my friends then ask something rude..! I don't understand

    • What do you think?

    • He must have started loving you and won't like that you show ur looks to others over possessive... Try to asks him

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