I want to go see my ex for a weekend. Opinions?

Long story short he cheated with his ex 2 months in, we were on and off for 6 months trying to make it work but we fought all the time. He dumped me 4 months ago and moved away. He hooked up with a new chick a month later. (I had a one night stand so he says I can't be upset about him hooking up with her.) He's going to school in a different state (same place his new chick moved. He claims that he likes her but they aren't together bc she doesn't trust him bc he talks to his exes). He is within driving distance from me while he's in school. I want to go see him and show him he made a mistake. I look better than ever and I'm in therapy. What do y'all think?


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  • plenty of fish in the sea, I hope you have enough self-respect to not go back when he cheated


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  • It takes time to get over someone, and you restart the clock if you hook up with them during the time you're supposed to be taking for yourself.


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  • I think instead of seeing your ex you should go see another therapist because this one is obviously doing a crappy job.


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