Why do they suddenly ignore your snapchat updates once you become exes?

Ex watched a few initially then completely ignored them. I'd only ignore their updates if I really liked them and was trying to cut them out of mult life in order to move on. Thoughts?


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  • I would just unfollow an ex all together. I don't need to see his updates anymore, if I'm trying to get over the relationship. It's different if the breakup happened in good terms and you are still friends after that. Then it would be weird if he was ignoring you. But if the breakup was hurtful in any way, it's completely normal to shut the other person out.

    • Yeah I completely agree. I tried to end it on good terms then cut all contact. He didn't and continued to reach out.

    • I wanted to aim for friendship after some time out to move on. But he would keep getting in touch and view my snaps, now he's stopped so maybe it's clicked.

  • Well for some people breakups mean it's time to move on and forward and that means no longer having a person in your life anymore or like, as much as it hurts, they may really just not care anymore. Sometimes people just lose their feelings and motivation to keep their ex in their life. Or maybe he just doesn't want to deal with you reading into it which you already are :P

    I say stop analyzing a ex's moves and move on!! The quicker the better :P

    • Yeah don't get me wrong, it's hard to include the whole context here. I can deal with the truth whatever it is, I'm old enough to respect that now. I cut him off by deleting his number and all connections on social media initially. Hence why I found it annoying that he kept trying to contact me. I wanted to move on and have done that for the most part. Yet he's still been viewing my public snapchats, but recently stopped. Hence my question.

    • Good for you for deleting his number and moving on with social media. Focus your attention on the things and people you do have control over x

  • Nope.
    I ignore or end contact with my ex the moment we break it off. It has nothing to do with still liking them or holding grudges.

    • Yeah I totally agree, which is why I don't understand why someone would continue to view an exes public snaps.

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