How do I stay friends with her?

My (kinda) ex and i broke up yesterday. We were together for almost two years and they were the best years of my life because of her. I went off to college last summer and she stayed to finish her senior year of high. We did a week of being open to see if being together or separate is what we really wanted during the long distance period between my breaks. We chose to stay together and we did long distance for a year. It was a good year despite a lot of stress from her end about me but that all subsided. We had an amazing summer and she quite literally became my best friend in ways that go far beyond a relationship. Now she went to college and we did the open week again but this time she decided she doesn't wanna do long distance again and be exclusive. We broke up but now it feels like i have this giant empty hole in my chest where she should be. There are no hard feelings and we knew the end would come eventually. After all we both understand that college is a time to have fun and not struggle through a long distance. But i really want to keep her in my life. She really is my best friend and the only person that I trust with everything. She still wants to talk to me and last night messaged me asking for help with medical stuff because I'm the only one she feels comfortable with when it comes to that stuff. I helped her out and then old her its still kinda confusing for me to talk to her. I've been expecting us to break up for a good amount of time and wanted to break up with her myself because things were changing and I didn't want our relationship to completely fall apart in some argument. But she ended up getting there first lol. So now I really just wanna be friends with her. I wanna talk to her and don't really care about being with her physically even though i feel as if its always going to be an option for us since were still very close. Should I give it time? Should I talk to her? I really just feel bad about losing the best friend I've ever had.


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