Girls, Why doesn't she look at me anymore?

Girl and I used to always talk and smile etc , since me telling her friend I think the girl is hot I think she found out and would always be smiling if I'm around EVERYTIME I go upto her in store she started talking about personal al life a little more every now and then. So she would say we're she was going to parties etc and I would jus say have a god time cz I busy with work. So after all this I avoid her m she keep looking , staring at me in sad ways n always looking to see we're I am. But I never made a move n she keep staring EVERYTIME n trying to figure me out. So I didn't see her for ages and then months later she got boyfriend. But now she avoids looking at me if I can see n always looks sad n doesn't make effort for her looks anymore. It been ages since I gave any impression I like her so why she purposely sneaking glances or staring when I'm not looking? I don't even speak to her n I avoid her


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  • She doesn't want anything to do with you


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