People with the best advice on G.A.G?

I find it compelling that everyone seems to ask who is the best looking on this website, and I understand that's fun to talk about. But if you think about it it's one picture.

This website is about the voice of people not the picture, sorry that was a mini rant?

Back to what's important... Who gives the best advice on this website? Who has the better minds?


Most Helpful Guy

  • artistbboy and tobanfrost for guys

    juliana77 (I think she deleted her account though), rainbows, plus a few I am forgetting for girls


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  • For guys, I think the most consistent giver of great advice is probably ArtistBboy. I also like sa230e, since I seem to relate to his advice/personality pretty well.

    For the ladies, I'm not really sure, but I do tend to like Simple-Simonette's advice.


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