Soon to be EX wife blackmailing me with DOMESTIC VIOLENCE?

I found out she has been cheating on me and i want a divorce, well after I was at the house and said im filing for divorce she took my keys and my phone and started stopping me from leaving, so we were arguing for hours and i threaded suicide if she didn't let me leave. So i called my mom to come pick me up my mom and her friend both witnessed Jen holding my door and pulling me away house was fine and no BRUISES on her at all!!! I NEVER HIT HER OR ANY WOMEN EVER!!! well this morning i came back to grab my shit, and she is sitting there with both parents and bruises covering up and down her arms lied and said i beat her. which was NEVER true. i tried wiping her bruises to see if it was makeup it wasn't, there were hand marks like mine on her, the only thing i can think of is the guy she was seeing bruised her for me, but her and both parents said if you don't work things out with her we will call the cops for domestic violence!!! WTF? she gave me a day to figure it out. plus her parents stated they would lie for her and say its happened before. Now what do I do? I feel trapped in a corner and victimized. HELP!


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  • I would keep a voice recorder on you and record anytime she is around.
    Or if you have an iphone (or a spare iphone), there are apps like Sleep Talk, which records the noises you make when you sleep.

    The good thing about Sleep Talk is that it records the noises indefinitely, but once you stop the recording, it will slice up the entire audio file and keep only the time periods where noise was made (it excludes silent periods).

    Then it automatically uploads online and you can download as evidence.

    When she threatens you with blackmail for domestic violence, the nature of the conversation should prove you never hit her. Or if you can get her parents saying that they would lie for her. Case closed.

    The other alternative is to file a restraining order against her as soon as possible, which will stop her from contacting you (if she needs to contact you, she will have to do it via a lawyer).

    Also, if you have assets before the marriage, (meaning they are yours, and not hers or joint ownership), those assets remain yours in the case of a divorce caused by infidelity on her part.

    However, you will need to prove that infidelity. Your word is not enough. So if you hold any financial value, I would suggest you contact a lawyer asap.


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