Am I wrong for getting angry and calling my boyfriend a leech?

I dated this guy for 4 months and instantly became girlfriend boyfriend. But the annoying part is that i paid for every single thing. He sometimes ask me money. And i would pay for food, beer and even his cigarettes. He drives us around in my car, never paid for gas money. The only thing he does is cook for me that too after i paid for the groceries. He always wants to meet me and go for long drives twice a week and stay in hotels at least once a month all expenses on me. We live 40 mins from each other so i have to drive all the way to his place obviously cuz I'm the one with the car. Ok he does a few things like wash my car sometimes and takes it for servicing. Worse part is that he wants me to agree with everything he says otherwise we'll end up in a big fight. I got so frustrated last night when i was having coffee with my cousin. He called to ask me to order him pizza. I felt like I'm being taken advantage of so i called him a manipulative leech. Cuz when i said i have no money for pizza, he said ' oh but you have money for your coffee'. He had to quit school cuz his mom couldn't afford it so he has no job. And every thing he tried ended up not working but it still doesn't mean i should be taken advantage of just because i have a stable job. He is now mad at me and said that i look down on him and he told me to stay away from him and to never call him again because this was not the only time we fought. We have been fighting everyday the past couple of weeks mostly cuz i kept complaining that i had to pay for everything.


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  • Funny it's an issue when a woman has to pay. With men they are expected to pay for everything. Women these days don't even cook so a guy has to everything.

    • It would still be an issue if it were the other way round. Cuz the problem is that not only does one person pay for every single thing. Its about control one person has over the other. Like if i told my boyfriend i didn't have money sometimes he would call me a stingy and start a fight. And if i told i had some work and i couldn't meet him he would sulk and not talk to me. So money here is not the only issue.

    • Why are you still with him?

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  • He sounds like a child. I'd say dump his ass and move on. Relationships should be 50/50 and he is being a leech for sure. He may just not be ready for a relationship financially, but his mentality seems to suck too. So yeah. I wouldn't waste your time with someone like that.


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  • Good your out now. Don't get dragged back in as him acting like this is a trap in hope that you go running back. Stay away.

  • U have lot of opportunities
    Dont stick to one guy


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