Is he sending me hints and I'm just not getting it?

I've been dating a guy for about 2 months and everything seemed to be going really well. We had a small rough patch about 3 weeks ago when he said he wasn't sure if he was ready for a relationship, but then a few days after he started making plans for the future. We waited 7 weeks to have sex and the day after we slept together I had to leave town for 8 days for work. In those 8 days we talked on the phone a few times, he never texted and I was always the one to call him. That was unusual as he used to text every day. The day before I came home I asked him what was up and he said he just didn't feel like texting. I've been home for 3 days now and he hasn't called or texted but he knows I'm home. I tried to make plans for the weekend but he says he is busy and "it depends what my other friends are doing". He's not answering my phone calls now so I left a message asking him what was going on, and to just let me know so I can stop wasting my time if he doesn't want to see me anymore.

Why would a guy do this? I'm not very experienced at dating so I'm not sure if he is just really busy or has he decided to stop seeing me but isn't man enough to tell me?


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  • Sounds like he really wasn't ready to be in a relationship but is too chicken to tell you outright. Who knows why guys behave this way - it is hurtful to deal with though.

    I hope you know it isn't anything that you did wrong. He just ended up being a jerk.

    Sucks that you have to deal with this, poor baby.

    Good luck.

  • it seems like he needs alittle space..but if he really liked you he probly wouldn't care if he was busy he would make time to see you and looked for you more often..but since he's not its not worth your time going after him because in the end he's just another guy


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