For you girls that cheat?

Do you cheat all the time?

Do you feel naughty when you cheat?

Do you get a thrill out of it?

How many of you haven't cheated but think about it?


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  • No I do not cheat all the time. It was an emotional affair that has lead to a physical affair. This affair is the only time I have ever cheated on any guy I have been with. I do feel a little naughty I guess there is a thrill of doing something bad.

    • Did you tell your bf

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    • I'd feel horrible about myself if I cheated on my wife. I never understand this. Your with him for your sons sake? That's BS! Your cheating on your son. At least the son won't ever know who his mom is really.

    • Actually I will get to keep all that is mine according to the laws in my state. I could even keep my son from him if I wanted to he has a lot of sins in his past that are far worse then mine but I guess you assumed he was perfect or something. As for doing bad things yes we all do, the degree of badness just vaires. I am sure you are no saint.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I've never cheated. I've looked at other guys while still in a relationship, but only when things got rocky, and I never made any moves or let anything happen until my partner and I were officially over. I feel like if I'm even thinking about other guys romantically, then my current relationship is lacking somewhere and I should address that and either try to fix it or end it.

  • i wouldn't cheat, once I have an emotional attachment to someone, all the physical stuff seems less important to me. yes I still like sex, but I could never do it when I'm with someone else. I would feel to guilty.

  • Why can't guys answer this. I know more guys that have cheated than girls. And if your girl cheated on you, than I'm sorry

    • I agree with you, but I think guys are more likely to "cheat" in shallow relationships... like you've dated the girl for a month and aren't really into her and end up hooking up with someone else... whereas girls are more likely to cheat in serious relationships.

      Either way though, cheating's bad, mmmkay?

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    • Ive been cheated on. by a guy that I was dating for 6 months dring the whole time he was wth 3 other girls.

    • Oh I'm sorry. That's really horrible

What Guys Said 2

  • I'm never getting married. Seriously. I couldn't stand being cheated on. It's so low. Especially because women get a thrill out of it? Women lately seem to get thrills out of making us suffer and become miserable over them. This especially at break up. I'd rather be lonely than have to deal with that kind of shallowness.

    • Thats why we call them bitches

    • Not all girls cheat. I dont.. so you have to find that girl that won't cheat. you might be looking in the wrong places

    • I'd never cheat on you, you're hot.

  • like ALL women cheat. especially if they find out that the other guy

    they are gonna cheat with has a girlfriend already. and then they

    completely deny it like the first anonymous user.

    f***ing nasty bitches.


    • Umm not all women cheat. I'm totaly against it. I never have and never will

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