Ex asked to get back with me, before ghosting me?

He broke up with me nearly 2 months ago over nothing, spent nearly two months stalking me, begging for me back, saying he loves me, misses me, telling his family he misses me, we nearly got back but I noticed he refollowed an ex that cheated on him years ago and refused to unfollow because her 'mom is dying of cancer and he will feel bad' so I let it slide but still unsure of getting back together as he was very hot and cold. Then a couple of days ago we got talking, he lives an hour away and is training to be in the military so it's a lot of texting, we were getting really close again and he said he wants to see me in person this weekend and ask me to be with him, this was the third time he had asked since breaking up, I agreed to see him. After that I haven't heard from him, he unfollowed the other ex, unfollowed me, refollowed another different ex and when I asked him what I had done, he told me I'm a snake because I posted a picture with another guy (my friend)

is he just playing games?
Ex asked to get back with me, before ghosting me?
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