Do guys ignore a girl they like because they got a new video game (s) and they can't focus on anything else?


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  • A girl I like? so no relationship or nothing?
    I don't know about "guys" but fuck yea i'd ignore her for a bit, its not like it would fade or nothing, when the game turns off or is over, its back to the way things were.
    If she wanted different, she shoulda gotten a higher status than "a girl i like" lol... im not just talking vid games only, a new website, a new bike, a new project, pretty much anything new and interesting, puts her in the back burner for an undisclosed amount of time :)

    Oh, let me save everyone the trouble... yes, im a proud "asshole" lol. Works for me.

    • I appreciate your honesty

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    • It helps me understand more. If I'm asking a question like this I want to hear the honest truth from someone who has experience with this topic

    • Just one of the topics I've experienced... and i can't remember many instances where I've done "what people do" in those cases. I have unique views and perspectives..(not all of them good) lol... but most of them, they work. Sadly, if no one has the same, its not fun...

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  • I guess some do. They shouldn't though, my fiance never ignores me when he's got a new video game and I never ignore him when I've got a new video game


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  • No because she isn’t that important to him

  • Yeah guys are like that. We are so invested in our video games we forget about everything in our lives execpt the game and the people we meet and play with.

    • Yeah they just drop off the face of the planet

    • Anyways i wish i had that problem lmao. Iv been single my entire life because i dont know how to approach girls even when they show intrest. its saddening really

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