Should I send a " thank you for leaving me" text to my EX?

We have been dating for 5 months, he was my first love i gave him everything
He end up leaving me for the most stupid reason and called me "a bad person"

This is the letter i wrote for him

Hey again.

I'll be honest: there is a part of me that wants to hate u for leaving me, making me feel guilty and proving u thought I wasn't worthy a peaceful "goodbye " text...

Also wants u to feel the pain u caused me by making me believe is "us". I would call u coward for wasting months of my beautiful life and in the end not being brave to tell me u did not love me and don't want to see me anymore... but nah Because the rest of me, the triumph part that make me a far better person than u, wants to THANK U and wish u well.

Thank u for:
1. Making it painfully clear that i need to have more respect for myself
2. Reminding me how amazing i am...
3. Showing ur true colors
4. Showing me what I want and absolutely do not want in a man

The pain u have caused me it's temporary n soon i'll fully accept that i meant nothing to u. It will only make me a stronger person, anyways i will not pretend u are a horrible person because I know u are not.
I hope u find someone who can accept ur narcissistic personality n still love u the way i tried to. IM SORRY u will not get to experience how amazing is to go through this crazy adventure of life with me.

The one you never deserved
2am drunk words (sober thoughts)
Should I send a " thank you for leaving me" text to my EX?
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