Is my ex mean to me because he still cares or does he want to upset me?

Me and my ex had a particularly bad breakup, he treated me very badly and then broke up with me. He previously expressed regret over this, however I refused to forgive him as I don't think he deserves my forgiveness as nothing about him has changed.

This breakup was three years ago, he apologised two years ago and we've not spoken since then. We work together and most of the time when we have a shift together, he feels the need to talk about the girls he has slept with, how his list of conquests is endless and has described all of the girls he has previously seen as 'check points'.

He knows how important the relationship was to me (as he was my first boyfriend and he knows I cared greatly for him, although we didn't see each other for long). Is he saying these things out of hate? If so I don't understand why as I don't ever talk to him or about him.


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  • Remove all negative people from your life. Why he is mean to you is not the question, why do you still deal with someone mean is the question. Love yourself more than that.

    • We work together and that's all. I've moved on but he's making my work life difficult, and the reason I asked this question was to try to get an understand of possibly why he's behaving like this, so that I can handle this as appropriately as possible.

    • That sucks, if you can't confront him or go to management to make it stop I would keep my eyes open to other job opportunities.

  • Ask him why tf are you telling me this?

    • HE lied throghout most of our relationship but yeah I'm sure if i ask him nicely he'll give an honest answer...

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    • That was sarcasm... whether I ask him nicely or not he's not going to openly admit to acting like a dick...

    • Or the next time he talks about one of his conquests, tell him "I got some action to last night too and his dick made yours look like a toothpick."

  • 3 years ago? Get over it. You’re pathetic

    • Dont call her pathetic if anything your the pathetic one this girl is stro. g and brave your weak and couradly for calling her pathetic grow up

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    • @Katieeclarkee thank you so much ❤️

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