Would you stay in a dead end relationship?

Say you have been with this person for a number of years, and you love them but they are starting to show qualities that you find less then desirable. Would you look past them? Or bake up? How bad would the qualities have to be for you to end it?
What if you think they are better than you?


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  • I try to exhaust every option and make sacrifices to make it work. If nothing works and it's only pain, I have a breaking point too and if I cave into it, I'm out. Sometimes some people just won't change no matter how hard you try for them, then guilt you when you finally call it off as if you "abandoned" them. That's my story at least. Crazy woman (and sadly for good reasons which made it hard to end earlier since I'd empathise with why she'd behave as she did). In short, if it's not making you happy, you try to make changes, and it's only you trying, with no results, best leave.


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  • It is better to be alone and happy than with someone and miserable.


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  • I was in one of those relationships, in fact it was my most recent relationship. We were together for 5 years. Gradually he began to do things that at first I'd look past, you know ignore them. Then they became more frequent, I guess he felt like he was getting away with it so why keep trying. We went from seeing each other all the time to once a week, and then when I would go up and see him (I couldn't drive at the time -eye problems, so it was a 3 hr bus journey one way) he'd leave. "Going to hang out with his mates" while I'd be stuck at his place watching tv, then when he'd come back he'd complain I wasn't spending time with him. Did I mention he had a car?
    One day I realized, after I went to my cousin's wedding overseas - he was invited he didn't want to go cause he didn't want to see my hometown. Didn't interest him. I realized that I didn't deserve that type of treatment and as soon as I flew back I broke things off.
    I tried to make things work but I was doing all the work and I didn't think it was fair. Was I the only person that wanted it to work? Then not anymore. I'm worth more than that.
    I don't regret my decision. It's been 2 years now and I couldn't be happier

  • ^^ this.

    Basically due to mixed messages, being taken for granted and a lack of commitment in my ltr, instead of progressing forward instead of backwards if that makes sense?

    I kept hoping things would improve, but nothing budged within the 4 years we were together (and I mean nothing: no concrete future plans, no signs of commitment). When talking about it to my dad, he said he wanted me to be happy, but it was obvious that my dead-end relationship was making me miserable, so why stay?

    So ask yourself: are you happy? Is the relationship making you happy?

    The first response you got was right: it's better to be independent and happy than be in a relationship that isn't making you happy. It's important to know that if you choose to end the dead-end relationship, you will be okay and be strong enough to move on.

    Good luck!


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