I still like my ex?

Im 22 and I was in and off with this girl for about a year. We dated 4 months but I called it off over summer cause it wasn t going anywhere. The first week of school I ran into her and it looked like she still liked me. Later sje texted me she don t love me and I got pisst and told her to go away and I haven t talked to her in a month. she's always looking at my Snapchats even though she's not following me. She stares at me in school and walks past me to get my attention. Recently I saw her hugginh with a dude whos really unattractive, but I know he's been after her a while. I know that guy is not better than me and he's not half the man I am. Did she move on? Or is she trying to make me jealous?
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  • Making you jealous with that guy & viewing your Snapchat to get your attention and because she wants to know what you're up to

    • So what should I do?

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    • Easier said than done, but as seen on my last question, I ignored my ex for a week and a half and he literally went crazy and had to actually tell me how he feels for me to reply

    • I completely agree with you. Thanks for the info

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  • I don't know if she's moved on or trying to make you jealous, but I know for sure that you will only know if you ask her, just be 100% honest and open and ask her what's going on, don't be immature about anything, just talk to her in a calm and mature way and try and get her to tell you.


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