How do I find out if he's cheating?

how do I catch my boyfriend cheating if we don't live together- he lives with his parents or he is over his friends parent's house, he doesn't have a cell- he is always using other people's phones, I don't have any of his online passwords, and he lives 20miles across town?


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  • I listen to this war of the roses on my radio station. It's to catch people that are cheating.

    Basically, a caller (normally a girl) calls in about their boyfriend. They are on the line with the radio host, and call the boyfriend but he doesn't know that the girlfriend is on the line.

    The radio host explains to the caller that they are a new florist shop in town, and would like to send a dozen roses to anyone the caller wishes, free of charge. They go on to say "we don't need your credit card, address, or any information. We only need the name/address of who ever you want the flowers to go to and a short message on the card if you wish. We're doing this as a limited time promotion in hopes that next time you want to order flowers you'll come to us."

    The guy almost never says the girlfriend's name that is on the phone, hence they get caught cheating.


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  • Wow is he in his 90's too? That's pretty old for still living with your parents. I don't get why his mom or dad would say anything if you are both old consenting adults.

  • Hire a private investigator.


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