Why do people lose interest in you?

They approach you, tell you they want you, you get along with them nd you feel that the love is fading away. Slowly time comes when they leave you over nothing. Why? What's the fault of the person whose now left alone?


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  • Because they realize you're not what they wanted. You might be too boring, too safe, too repetitive whatever. It's pretty much as simple as that. It's best not to worry about it. Just keep doing you.

    • Too safe nd caring? Yes. Too repetitive? I repeated things a lot of time for what was better for her nd us.
      That's enough for someone to lose interest?

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    • She was going through depression. She was so much fun before. As was I. We enjoyed a lot. Fun nd love faded when she got depressed for 2 months nd the reason I found out was a past nd that she was still in want of her ex.

    • Well I guess that's your reason then. She lost interest because she couldn't fall for you because she was still interested in her ex.

  • Because live is just a chemical reaction in your brain being all like "you want to tap that" and then after a while your brain stops producing those chemicals


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