How many people here right now are recovering from a break up?

Well since I'm one. I thought I should ask it. Share the reason for your breakup if you wish to.


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  • Nope not here


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  • Me here! My angel broke up with me cause she was double dating and i didn't notice. I had given her the freedom to be the way she would be if she was single but at the end she was to be MY girl. Somewhere , sometime that extra freedom might have been the reason too... Maybe! :'(

    • Girls do this so often. And then call men dogs. The girl I broke up from did the same. I gave her a 2nd chance. Turned out she was losing interest in me for that 2nd guy.

    • Ik the feel bruh 😥

    • Well, be a gentleman. Someday when they'll face the same they'll remember you or me. Regret is a punishment.

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  • Me, i am

    • Would you like to share how did you breakup?

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    • Just remember keep your head up

    • Okay :) thanks.

  • im still hung-up on someone


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