How to get out of a relationship?

I have been dating a girl since 7 months.
Actually she proposed me, that time i had no reason to say No and no harms to say Yes... i told her about this , and she asked me for a chance, so i did. I gave my best in this relationship. I was loyal to her.
Now i don't want to be in this relationship, don't know why. I don't like her anymore the way i like her before. I am not interested in her anymore. I want to get out of this relationship, but i also dont want her to be hurt. She is very understanding, she will easily allow me to go.. but she is very much emotional... she will cry a lot and i fear she might go in depression.
Pls help me make it smooth.


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  • Just explain to her that people change, you have changed and you don't feel the same towards her, tell you would rather hurt her a little now rather than dragging her along, hurting her even more. Tell her she deserves someone who gives her 100% and you just can't do that.

    She is obviously going to be hurt but if you end it now she will. be less hurt than if she found you you had been stringing her along.


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