Are guys willing to give second chances?

My ex and I broke up in March so it's been 5 months. Break up wasn't bad, we only had to end it because he was too busy with sports, band practice, and work. We still liked each other a lot.

Well it's been 5 months since the break up and we didn't talk much over the summer, I can't get over him like I thought I would. So my friend asked if he still liked me and told him that I still like him alot. My ex's response was "idk"

I know that probably means "no" but someone else told me that since he knows that I like him, he might come around.

Is that true? So Guys, In this kind of situation and what I just told you, do you think a second chance is possible?

(some more details) if he were really over me, then why does he still answer my calls when I ask to hang out? 1st time I called him, he answered, I asked to hang out. A few days later, I called to actually schedule a day, and he answers again. We never hung out though because the day we were supposed to was the day my friend talked to him.

  • Yes. The break up was my fault anyways.
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  • Maybe. I did really like her
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  • I think it would be possible to get back together because there was no animosity at the time of your break up. You two were just busy with life. Give it a shot.

    • Thanks (: now hopefully heeee sees that. I'm going to another school and I never got to talk to him =/ because like I said he never came over..

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