Ex girlfriend dying for my attention?

She broke up with me and played a lot of games. She said she needed space. I was like okay and I walked away. Although, we do see each other at the gym a lot.

Lately, she gives any girl I talk to dirty looks. She would always stare at me whenever I talk to girls. In addition to that, she gives the girls I talk to dirty looks EVEN when I am not around.

She stares at me a lot.

A couple weeks ago, she liked an instagram post. Which was the first thing she had liked after the break up.

A couple days ago, I got a FaceTime video call around midnight. Phone rang for like a couple seconds then hung up. I didn't bother to pick up.

Saw her last night and she looks really pissed off and always stared.

I know she is playing a game. Why?

what does she want?


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  • lol it seems like you're the one dying for attention hahahaha


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  • How many times do you post this question per week? Why don't you just ask her what the deal Is.

    • i've actually been keeping track because he post this shit so much. since like 1 month and 3 weeks ago, this is his 16th post. everytime i see his post i draw line on a stick note on my table lmao. i called him out when he posted the same thing like on the 6th time, and ever since then, he's been changing the title, copy and pasting the same content, now he kinda shortened/removed some stuff from his first 6 post and changed some stuff around but still copy and pasting the same content lols. this guy is just dying for attention lmao!

    • @doodleheads hahaha sounds like it's grating on your nerves too! 16 times though ffs, is have been tired of waiting for advice after the 2nd and just asked her what the fuck? I bet he's the one stalking her!

    • he actually get like 2-5 replies from each post, that's why i don't know why he keeps asking and like he's expecting a different kind of answer other than "just ignore her" answers but i think he either just wants attention or just trolling here

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  • Why do men do the same?

  • as you said she wants attention just ignore her


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