Will he ask me to get back together?

My boyfriend and I dated for 6 months wsen he broke up with me because i didn't give him enough attention and he "had a dream that i cheated on him just like his ex did". Two weeks after the break up i texted him that i miss him and he send me a photo with his new girl that he had known through our entire relationship (later on it turned out that they weren't actualy dating). I blocked him on all social media except on tumblr. He tried to call and message me a few times to "explain himself" but i didn't answer. We started comunicating through post on tumblr ( he would post things like "i am still missing you, i just need you, another night away from her etc.). He stopped going out with his friends and became kinda depressed. Before 2 weeks he wished me happy birthday and i decided to unblock him on facebook before 2 days We loved each other and got along very well. We rarely argued. We had the same point of view on most stuff. About a month before the break up he started acting cold on me he would not answer my messages neither go out with me. He made a lot of new friends and probably thought that i am not "cool" enough for him, i can only guess. Soo i was wondering i sthere any hope for us to get back together? Will he text me or something?


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  • I wouldn't count on it


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