Could he be the one, even if I ended up cheating on him?

I'm not used to dating, and in some poor judgement I cheated on my boyfriend of three weeks. Before that, things were going well. We spent as much time together as we could, and the only disappointing thing was sex with him (he's very overweight so I did all the work). We just got each other, and we quickly became best friends.

After I cheated on him, I felt terrible and told him immediately. He was upset, and after a few days we met for lunch. He ended it, but he said he wanted to be best friends and wanted to see me happy. We didn't talk for about a week, but after that we've started texting every day and calling every other day. He's told me he misses me and cares about me, and I know talk is cheap, but I believe he really means it and I feel the same. He's told me he wants for me to enjoy life and have fun while I'm at college for the next four years and he's in the town I'm from, but when that's done he would still want to be in a relationship with me. We plan to spend time together while I'm on break and back home, so I'll see him fairly regularly.

I know I did a horrible thing and I've hurt him, but I love him and continue to love him more and more. He means more to me than anyone else in my life, and I want to be there for him. One day I would like to be with him, but I don't know if it even sounds like he's the one.
Could he be the one, even if I ended up cheating on him?
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