Is my ex hurt or his he over me?

Hi guys I got an question today that I was thinking about. So like on September 4th my ex broke up with me and said he wanted to be friends while that he hasn't dated no one after he broke up with me we talked a lot and hang out a lot but i told him i have a new boyfriend he went and texted my friends and started to flirt with them. My ex told one of my friends he was flirting with to show her these messages of him and her talking about me and saying how he wants her so i tried to talk to him but all the stuff he said on the messages made me so mad so i had to cuss him out and i said go ahead and have her tbh i still had a heart left for him i couldn't get over him but he said he staying single on my dead homies and he blocked me i wondering is he still miss me and hurt and also on facebook he been talking about me saying how you won't do it for the gang but do it for the next guy its crazy


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  • He is just upset that you moved on. He did it to hurt you and if he would do that to you then you shouldn't talk to him. If a guy will do that once he will do it again. That's not ok and I think you should tell him not to contact you anymore

  • He just wants to hurt you the more you think about him the less he does for you at this point move on and assume he's over you so dont hesitate to move on from him


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