Ladies do you have the same problem?

I've been having a lot of vaginal pain like cramps during sex and also not during sex. I've went to my obgyn 2 and he told me I simply need to have more sex. I don't think this is the problem, has anyone ever had something like this? Also I want to go back to the Dr. but probably a different one depending on things go.


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  • Happened to my Ex too

    I took her to the doc and he advised the same

    It's just the ur needs to be aware of the penis ur taking in
    Regular recommendation is just a flag given by the body so it remember it to be a daily routine and don't crave for it leading to cramps

    • so you guys had more sex and did the pain for her go away?

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    • thanks

    • No problem mate

      Glad to help ya 😋😋😁

  • Id help but then this wouldn't be a problem


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  • yeah I know what pain you are talking about mine is like a sharp pain. I dont know why that happens. And it comes at random moments but not all of the time.

    • Did you ever ask the Dr. about it?

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