Guys, what would you do if your recent ex that you dumped booty called you and gave you mind-blowing sex then didn't initiate contact after?

Guy I was kinda seeing for 3 months wanted more than sex even though I originally didn't then he wanted a relationship then he dumped me outta nowhere within that week w/ excuse of dealing with all his personal issues and not wanting to hurt me, and though he said he didn't wanna break up he did. He blocked me on social media, we say each other out, he was all over me, he slept over but no sex as he's an ass but I wanted to make sure he slept somewhere safe. Afterwords he barely initiated contact: I did the next day, he did a late night "hey" a week later, I messaged him next morning (he said he's unsure of what he wants but he won't be going out getting drunk anymore, and he wouldn't hookup with or date other people but rn he's okay if I did) then I've drunkenly late night reached out three times but he responded the next day or two days later saying he would have but sleeping, then asks a question, I answer then no response until I reach out again which was once a weekend for 2 weeks = 5 weeks since breakup.

Well I bootycalled him again (Like in the beg. when I just wanted sex + no emotions and though i have some feelings, I can't force his plus I barely believe his excuses for dumping me so suddenly seeing as he doesn't try to talk to me often plus I gave myself liquid courage)

he came over, and I pulled out ALL the tricks I had been holding back from hot dirty talk to 10x the effort on blowjobs, a lot of experimentation, to just really 100% paying attention to every single part of him physically and ego wise and I know I rocked his world to the point of him being speechless and satisfied. I remained casual not talking about the breakup issues though was more attentive than just a normal BC then the next morning (yesterday) I woke him up to a bj and we parted ways and I haven't contacted him. I know it seems like a bad idea but I needed to do it for me and as a parting ways.

What do you think is going through his mind? (:


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  • I'd say she's a skank, who's definitely not the type of girl you put a ring on.

    • If you feel that way, that's fair. Mind you, he fucked with my head and didn't care. I have trouble opening up to people and he even made it a point to talk about how guarded I am and it was okay to let him in, and he understands this would be my first relationship, etc. and then dumped me and blocked me out of nowhere the minute I opened up AND tried to use my lingering feelings when he saw me the 2 weeks after saying he loved me so I'd sleep with him. I definitely made mistakes but he tossed me away after pushing me into exclusivity and then a relationship. He was cruel and played me. I needed one more night and even then he never was hurt during the entire ordeal. If that makes me a skank then it does haha and he won't be putting a ring on anyone nor would I have ever expected one from him.. not that he'd ask how I felt about anything anyway. But I feel better and can move on.

    • Though I did find out he was lying about just being with me during the entirety of our "relationship" and he didn't deny it.

    • I totally understand.
      I love it when i hear stories about a guy fucking up a girl's mind and tortures her mentally.
      It's satisfying to me. Love doing it myself, feeds my ego.

      But yeah.. my only advice to you is stay away from men like myself and find yourself a guy who cares about you. One thing you should know is your ex is perfectly capable of loving and one day he definitely will find a girl who he would never dream about hurting, but you aren't that so 'fuck your feelings.'

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