LDR ended a month before moving, we still talk everyday and he hints at us getting back together, I'm just really confused. Thoughts on this?

I've known this guy for about 8 years. We've been dating recently for a year and a half. Recently we got into a fight because a girl he used to date messaged my little sister with drama. He claims they have nothing and it seems that way but someone is trying really hard to create fights in the relationship by making me angry which they succeed at every time lol smh.

He has epilepsy and has been sick a lot the weeks before so we really haven't been talking, then we got into a fight about that and he made a comment like he can't do this right now he just needs to figure things out. So then i got mad and kept pushing for days asking if he was trying to break up with me. He finally said yes, he gives up. That same day, he sat on the phone with me for 2 hours after the fact talking to me and consoling me and saying thats just what he needs to do right now and he wants us to be friends.

This was like last weekend. We still talk everyday and he'll make comments like were still together and he keeps saying i just want you to come home or well talk when you come home and that he still wants to be with me. He sat on the phone today calling me babe and making comments about our kids and stuff and i just ignored him. But why like i am so confused.

Also i think i just learned something different about him, i am very traditional female and there was the topic if i proposed to him and he was like he would say yes and i was like its weird for me to even do that and he disagreed. It was very interesting.

But i really wanted to hear opinions on my situation, why do you think he did this? is it not a bit odd?


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  • Maybe he needed a break/


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