Do you think she loves me?

I broke up with my ex 2 or 3 years ago It was a weird brake up she got mad at me its a long story and she didn't talk to me, we were going in the same school at the time and the stupidest thing i have done i didn't even try to appologize. Year after the brake up we started talking again and hanging out because we live close to each other and have mutual friends so when we started hanging out again i realised that i still love her. I told her that I still love her but she said that she doesn't want to go back to old relationships and she wants to move on. I was disapointed and i tried to stop loving her and when I almost supressed my feelings for her she gave me a sign it took me like 6months to cool my feelings. We were on a party on the way back in a taxi she took my hand and laid her head on my shoulder and told me that she feels safer like this. This was hope for me that she wants me back but sometimes she acts so cold and sometimes she acts like a girlfriend. But thats not all like two weeks ago we were out on a party again and she wanted to go out and sit because her legs hurt we went out and talked about some random stuff when she asked me if i had a chewing gum. I had only 1 left and gave it to her, she asked me do I want half i said yes and she bit the gum on two and held it with her teeth and she said to me get it. I got the gum with my mouth and we sorta kissed but it was a flash kiss and i didn't try to kiss her again maybe she would have let me. We got a taxi again and again she took my hand the same night and laid the head on my shoulder and she said to me if you think im drunk, im not. We held hands all the way home. What do you think, will there be something between me and her or not I honestly love her and i know i was stupid to hurt her but now i would do anything to get her back. Sorry if there are grammar misstakes


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  • I wouldn't call it love


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