Do some people actually try and get their SO to do the breaking up when they want to end the relationship but don't want to be the "bad guy"?

Or bring a third party in the picture to break up with the SO instead of doing it themselves?


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  • No, I do the breaking up myself. I just got done breaking up with one because she kept asking me everyday if I loved her, if I was coming home to her, after a while of that those questions and her insecurities I was done. She knew I loved her, and was coming home to her every night. I didn’t need the endless questions about it.


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  • That is probably the “easiest way out” for most people, but if someone has any dignity they would be honest because the least that the one who is being dumped deserves to know that and why. Around half a year ago I tried to blame the break up on him cheating with my best friend (who I asked to seduce him) but I felt so guilty I ended up telling the truth a month later. The funny part is that he doesn’t hate. I’m not proud of it but it still is a funny story I guess, but it still is unfair and cowardly.

    • Thank you for your honest answer! I really appreciate! No, not a nice thing to do, but it's a good thing you realized that it's not okay and corrected your behavior and are honest with yourself and able to talk about it :)

      I think a friend of mine is maybe doing this to his girlfriend and trying to drag me in the middle of the mess (as the third party), I'm not sure, but that's how it seems to me! :O What made you wanna do so? How did you think it'd go?

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    • That's actually very interesting! Sucks though it had to be that way, but I get you :/

      I'm not friends with the girl and I think the guy might really be interested in me. I'm trying to stay out of their drama, but I have a feeling he's trying to bring me in the middle of it and get me to be part of the break up. I see it from the way he acts and makes a huge deal about us "3" and from the way she acts towards me at the moment. I feel like he's trying to make me be the "other girl" that he's known longer than her and that comes back to the picture and fights for him etc. He doesn't say anything but keeps pushing it that way. It's very much forced and clearly a show and he's tried to build the conflict dozen times already, almost every time I'm in any contact with him basically 🤔 That's why I was wondering if people really do this.. I'm good at reading people but this is the first time I've been in a situation like this and I'm not sure what to think or do!

    • Yeah, thanks. It really does but as they say God works in mysterious ways. It’s nice to have somebody who gets me.

      Your friend seems to be using every opportunity he gets to make it seem like you are the “other women” like you said. I suggest trying to minimise your time with him until he breaks up with her. That way he hasn’t got the chance to involve you with the whole ordeal. Sadly this does happen but it doesn’t work too well, in this case being the “bad guy” isn’t the case it is most likely to do with dealing with the break up, maybe he believes that if *he* gets dumped then that is the end of it. No messy after work. It is not fair of him to put you in the middle either way the main thing to do is not to get involved as much as he tries to get you into it.

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  • Yes, my friend did that to his girlfriend once.

    • Really? Why? What's the gain? How did it go? (I'm not trying to break up with anyone, just to be clear :D )

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    • I can imagine! Why wouldn't he just break up with her himself? Didn't want to be the one to tell the bad news?

    • He was young and stupid. This happened when he was 16. He's 22 now

  • "SO" means?

    • Significant Other, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend...

    • Ugh sorry
      And ur answer is sometimes yes because no one wants to get his hands dirty u know..

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