How do you know if your on again/off again relationship is really over?

Over the last 2 years of knowing this guy we have broken up 3 times. The first it was him, then he came back so reconnected again. The second time it was me that ended it then i changed my mind and contacted him later, and this last time he didn't exactly make it clear that he was ending it though he sounded like he didn't want to hang out/date right now so we haven't talked in 2 weeks now. I interpret this as a breakup though there was no closure... It is hard for me to move on because of the past back and forth between us and him always coming back. I still have very deep feelings for him but i also see that we can't commit to the relationship seriously and it is the reason why it always falls apart. We date for 4-6 months each time and then it is over for another 2-3 months before one of us breaks the silence and tries to reconnect.
How do I know if it is over for real? To me it is still unresolved and unfinished business... but what about him? Is he done for good?


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What Guys Said 2

  • On/offs aren't worth it and will never work. Sometimes harsh to hear but sadly true.

    [Second chances sometimes work, but any more than that 99% wouldn't work]


  • Finish it


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  • The only ways to know for sure are either ask him, or end it yourself, once and for all.


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