Why do you delete an ex/friend on social media?

My ex and I have been friends for 5 years after we broke up, so he's more of a friend to me than an ex. However, recently he's been withdrawing and acting very strange. I've been subtly asking him if everything is ok and why he's been so distant but he just says he's focusing on school since he's been failing. Normally, I would have let this go but it doesn't seem to be the case because he is going out with friends and not coming home until the next day. It was to the point where he'd deliberately not open my texts even snapchatsbecause then he'd have to answer. When I met up with him to confront, him he used the same excuse that he wants to focus on school and I even mentioned how it seems to me that he's keeping his routine the same and the only thing changing is how often he talks to me. (which isn't much by the way.) I also mentioned how I valued the friendship and didn't want to lose it because losing him is like losing a brother. After I said that he told me that hearing that was nice to hear because he always viewed me as his ex. After that, the conversation went completely off topic and I decided to leave because I didn't see a point. When I left I deleted him off snapchat because why have me if you're not even going to watch my snaps? Two days later I noticed that he deleted me on twitter, Instagram, and facebook. This hurt me because it seemed like he cut me off entirely and he hasn't even contacted me since we had that talk which was 5 days ago.


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  • Seems like he's hurt that your relationship is over. Men are terrible with emotions, they don't no how to deal with a break up. Perhaps he still has feelings for you and is trying to distant himself. If you guys are close and were dating then it will be doubly hard to lose a friend and girlfriend.

    If I was in a relationship, I was in love with the person then the only way to get over that person is to erase everything. The only thing left will be the memories in your mind.

    Sorry to say this.

    • You think it's because he's hurt that the relationship's over, even though we've been broken up for almost 5 years? We've been extremely close since we broke up and he's brought up that if we dated again he thinks it would work out pretty well (this was about a month ago). I've brushed it off but I'm getting a different vibe from this. I could be wrong though.

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    • I think deleting someone on social media can be a good thing especially if he is trying to move on because there's nothing good that comes out of seeing someone happy with their life if they're still interested.

    • Yeah exactly, deep down he will be thinking of all the times you spent. There's no way he will ever forget you but in an attempt to find happiness I think he has to and perhaps he realised that when you saw him at class.

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  • It's totally normal. Maybe he wants to move on? If you don't want to get back then let him go, you can't be friends w an ex. Let it go

    • You're absolutely right! I don't see how anything good can come out of being friends with an ex.

    • It only prolongues the hurt. I'm sure if you are meant to be you will find a way back to each other in the future. I know it sucks because you care about this person, but just cherish the memories. That's life.

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  • Geez you remove him first and you're the one hurt when he retaliates? Grow up lady. You're obsessing over him. You can't just friendzone him and also try and control his life it doesn't work that way. You speak of your feelings but lack empathy towards his all I am seeing out of you is "me me me."

    • nteresting points considering i've been more concerned about what's going on in his life that's affecting him rather than myself... hmm.. maybe me not reaching out has to do with me wanting him to do well? That would be crazy considering how self obsessed I must be. Maybe I left out information that might have given you a different outlook to this situation. However, my whole question revolves around him and what might he be feeling and going on in his life/head to be acting differently. Maybe this website was created to post one's thoughts and recieve feedback to the situation because they dont want to come off as selfish to others? But to each their own opinion, am I right? Lmfao

  • Leave him alone. Why are you trying to control him?

    • ... I think you're looking at this all wrong. This isn't a matter of control... this is a matter of being concerned for a friend.

    • If you weren't controlling him or what he does, you wouldn't even know if his routine is the same one or not. "he is going out with friends and not coming home until the next day." I don't know, I may be wrong, I don't really know you and I don't mean this in a mean way, but from what you're saying it sounds you are a bit controlling. He's your friend, but he's also an ex, and he told you so. Let him live his life. If he really thinks you guys can have real friendship, he'll let you know. But honestly, in most cases, an ex is an ex.

    • The reason why I know is he tells me what he does and we MUTUALLY know our schedule because we help each other dogsit each other's dogs. I can understand why you see this as controlling because I do question if I'm too much sometimes, but he's complained before that I come off as careless.

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