How can I move on?

Well I have been in LDR for over 1 year, and I'm living in Asia country and he is from Europe. We knew each other from an App.. I broke up with him couple of weeks ago, and the most hurt thing is that after we broke up he was hang out with a girl that he just met at work, he gave me a lot of reasons why we broken up. But even before he always asked broke up but he never left. Since he knew that girl, we're totally separated. Now we are becoming a friend. And after the broke up, he hang out with that girl and have a kissed with her. Oh I'm feeling so miserable.. he told me everything.. I said to him, one day you'll feel what I felt. Now he is feeling bad because that girl left her, and he started love her and wanted to have her as his own. Whenever I heard he wanted her, I just feeling bad. He said to me before, I can't be in LDR I want someone who is close with me. Here I am still feeling so bad, why he seems like he's only see that girl instead me who know him better even only through the phone. I still want him for real but I don't know, it's like impossible thing. Now he just wanted her , how can I move on :(


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