What should I do , Am I going Crazy?

I've been extra sensitive through my whole life... Also kinda depressed , but the last three years of my life was a disaster , my work is kinda bad and I've worked in 4 companies in 2 years , can't think or concentrate or do anything right.. my mind is talking to me... i have never been or loved a girl through my whole life.. until i met a girl who i loved for more than two years... i loved her more than my self.. than anything.. than everything... i even felt bad because i loved her more than my family... but things got bad and she left me.. although i struggled to be with her except that she didn't even try.. now i hate everything.. i hate girls... i even feel so bad and mad if i saw a girl who looms beautiful to me... im having panic attacks , anxiety attacks and mind talking , i also have Obsessive Compulsive disorder behavior towards everything specially in arranging things , plus Obsessive Compulsive thoughts and suicidal thoughts , I've gone to a psychiatrist and she said i have clinical depression which is severe and most of whats happening with me is due to messed up chemicals in my brain due to all the pressure i had to take and put on my self... i latterly cry on everything... I've tried taking medication (Xanax) for few days but its so exhausting i had to cut it off... what should i do... its more than what i wrote... but its hard to tell everything... what should i do?


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  • You have to get to the root of the problem to address what needs to be fixed.

    • I really can't think... sometimes it looks like its work pressure.. sometimes it looks like its the break up thing.. . sometimes it looks like its due to my personality which can't stand to what most of people have... i guess its so deep that i really can't think of anything.. my mind is like (thoughts engine) which i can't turn off..

    • what bothers me the most is that.. i stopped feeling emotions at all... latterly i can't feel anything towards anything or anyone even my family... I've never been so careless and emotionless through my whole life...

    • That sounds like hurt to me. Something, or better yet someone, hurt you. You have to forgive. That's first. Maybe it's not so much as forgiving that person, but learning to forgive yourself.

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