Why is it that when I go out with a girl they break up with me because so stupid thong her friend says?

It happens almost every time like recently her friend told her I was a cheater and I'm like ur friend never met me plus I just moved back to the South from california and I'm sitting here like no relationship is perfect and she was like yes they are and I was like I'm done cause she broke up with me I'm literally about to turn gay


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  • You're 15. Stop. You won't have a serious relationship in a while. by the way you can't just turn gay.

    • Yea I k ow but I'm bisexual so I could just go that way but I know I think I'm looking at relationships in a mature way while all the other guys a re looking at it for sex and all that

    • Again you probably won't find anything serious in a bit. Guys are similar as you just said, most just want sex.

    • Yea thanks for advice

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  • Don't sweat it! The more you do the more it affects you, the more it affects you the more it will effect you... the more it effects you the more you let it change you. Hey its gotta hurt but keep on keeping strong!


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  • You are just 15 . People are ridiculous at this age. They listen to friends... they don't know shit about love and maturity. A lot of relationships and breakups ahead for u. All will be well

  • Dont. Your ex is being pretty stupid believing more her friend than you. Just try go forward and forget her. Try to change a bit if you want, but dont if you dont want to.

    • Lol thanks that makes me feel a lot better cause I treated her great made sure I didn't do anything to hurt her feelings and I gave her mine but that blew up in my face and she threw them away and said I don't trust u I hate u and I'm just sitting there all messed up about it but ur text helps a lot

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