What should I do about this message he left me?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for over 4 years. We are getting married in 2 weeks. I went to check my email today and he left me a message and this is what it said

>>aight this is my issue is this how we are gonna be even if we get married. you no I can't take only getting laid like twice a month this sh*t ain't gonna cut it. do you realize in the month of July you only touched my d*** with your hands and mouth 1 time maybe 2 ridiculous. listen your gonna have to start cleaning cooking and f***ing a little more if its not gonna be any better we might as well not go any farther with this<<<

I must say that we had sex more than that. I try my damn best to keep the house clean and dinner on the other hand I haven't made in a couple days because I have been trying to finish up the wedding plans. Now I just don't know.

Yea well I just recently found out what this was all about after we got married. He was trying to get with some other girl. He then showed me the emails between the two of them and it was all taking place when this was wrote to me.


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  • I don't know what roles the two of you assigned each other to keep the household going, that is a separate discussion from sex.

    While many divorces end with very sterile reasons (ie unreconcilable differences), when surveyed afterward, about 90% of people claim that sex was either the reason, or one of the reasons they ended their marriage.

    Sex is major part of marriage, so if what he wants doesn't line up with what you want, that is reason enough to not move forward and get married.


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  • He wants a house bitch or maybe he is geting cold feet and trying to rock the boat... maybe wedding jitters...


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  • Hes a jerk.

    You're marrying the wrong guy lol..

  • Update reply:

    Are you ending him?

    Was the emails explicit?

    • No I am not ending things with him. I am trying to work things out with him. Nothing really bad was said in the messages. I think the one that hurt me the most was " well I'm still awake thinkin bout bed time but thought of you instead damn it no not damn it ALRIGHT." she was the one that ended it with him. she told him she didn't want anything like that to happen with them. Even though nothing happened with them I am still angry to the core with him and her.

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