Should I still confess my feelings to my almost ex-lover even after 2 months have passed?

So we've known each other since we're kids but we never really talked just until 3 months ago. He is 19 now and I am 21. Just 2 months ago, he was introduced to us (again) by our friend. So we're all basically in the same group up until now. When we first met, we hit it off right away. We were very attracted to each other (can't stop kissing, seeing each other, taking hands off of each other) we both live in the same village so we used to see each other very often. He confessed to me then, and asked me a few times about our relationship label. I dismissed it everytime as I was still going through a rough breakup with my ex (I still loved my ex then). I told him it isn't the right time yet, etc. but we somehow managed to still continue our labeless relationship. And before I realize it I already fell inlove with him, hard. The time when I realized it was when we aren't okay anymore. We'd still kiss, hold hands, and play but I found out that he has started talking to other girls because he thought he's hopeless with me (he explicitly said that to me also, his words were "I know there's no hope for us and it's hard to assume our relationship) but I STILL COULDN'T CONFESS!! So I suffered is silence. 2 months have passed and I still like him. We see each other very often as a group and we'd still sometimes play and kiss and all but that's just it.

Now, my friend has started flirting with him (she's good at it) and I feel threatened because they're getting really close. He usually pays attention to me more than anyone in the group but this girl manages to get his attention to hers and I feel extremely hurt! There was this one time my friend was clinging onto his arms, he looked at me and I looked at him and we stared for like 4 seconds I don't know what that means.

Please help me decide, should I still confess or just let it go? It's giving me anxiety :(
Should I still confess my feelings to my almost ex-lover even after 2 months have passed?
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