Why hasn't he contacted me?

I met this guy on an online date site, we chatted via email all day long, then he gave me his number and said to call him later because he prefers the phone call rather than text, I don't so I texted, we talked via text and email for another day or two and then we started talking on the phone, at least 3-5 times a day for about a week then we decided to meet up. His car was in the shop so I know it was slightly dangerous but I agreed to pick him up from his townhouse and grab a coffee. (we had exchanged numerous photos of family members and what not so I got a normal vibe) anyways we went to Starbucks got a coffee, and ended up sitting there talking for about 2 1/2-3 hours, we had great convo, dropped him back at his house and he said when are we gonna hang out again, I said whenever, then he said to set it up, that I was good at that. Long Long Long story short, I went on my way, and then the whole next day didn't hear from him which was weird because of the massive amounts of communication before, so I decided to text him myself at around 2:30, we chatted back and forth but then later on in the evening he texted me and said he was sorry but he was very busy for a change and would call me later on the phone. (he is preparing for a business trip leaving Saturday morning) Any way he never called, I haven't called or texted him today but it just seems weird, Am I just thinking too much about it all?


that was my original question But now I also cannot understand why this fella has not contacted me, but continues to look at my profile on the site we met on every day at least twice a day, but still doesn't contact me, What the hell is going on in his mind.? Guys I need your answers?!?!? PLEASE?!?!


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  • Well here's your answer, the guy is LAZY lol He also doesn't care very much about impressing you. 1) He gave you his number and told you to call him 2) He made you come pick him up and take him on the date, which is a compromising position for a female when meeting a guy for he first time 3) He told you to set up the next date, peaced out, hasn't tried to contact you.

    I might be a little more old fashioned than some, but the way I was taught was that a guy who lays down and does nothing like that is lazy and uninterested.Especially when you meet each other online! Like I said, I know it's a different time, but this guy is bad news.

    I think that's pretty obvious considering you did all of that and he's still not calling unless you call him. The truth is, I don't know of a single guy (who isn't a lazy jerk mind you), who would act that complacent with a girl he really liked. For example, my ex's car was in the shop when we first started talking, but he never asked me to pick up him. He borrowed a car from a friend, rented a car, got a ride to my place, whatever it took. But he said he never would've asked me to pick him up on our first couple dates as he really liked me and he wanted to show me he would treat me like a lady.

    However, had the car thing been his only mistake it wouldn't have been that bad, but he hasn't stepped up in any aspect. And when a man doesn't step up at all, it really says that he's not interested. That is a statement I've heard from many guys. My advice? Don't even bother with him. He's shown a pattern already about what a relationship with him would be like. You calling, you making the dates, you picking him up, you wondering why he's still blowing you off. He's not worth it.

    • Thank you, your opinion really helps. when we first started talking I got a very nice vibe from him. I agree with the comprimising situation on picking him up. I honestly should have declined that, but he seemed like such a genuinely nice individual that I figure what the hell. As far as setting up the next date, I was taken a back by that aswell. It just boggled my mind that he had spoken to me every day either email, text and always on the phone, and now he is just non existent!

    • I understand the position you were in. He probably came across as sweet, but his actions were definitely saying he's lazy. The only guys I know of that act that lazy in a new dating situation are douchebags that everyone says to stay away from. It doesn't seem like he cares that much about anything serious so I'd cut him loose. I also wouldn't be surprised if he's been playing the same game with quite a few other women from this dating site.

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