Ex boyfriend with new girlfriend for 6 months

i was dating someone for 3 years and the day after our 3 year we got into an argument and he said he was sick of me complaining and said that's it I'm done whatever and then we were still talking for about 3 weeks and then he wanted to be left alone so we started ignoring each other adn he was always staring at me in class and about a month later he got another girlfriend who everyone made fun of him for because it seemed like a joke and they dated for a little more than a month then about a few weeks later he got another new girlfriend one who was a year older than him who is going into college this year and me and my ex will both be seniors and he has been dating her for about almost 6 months now and I use to be able to laugh at their pictures together because everyone says she is a joke too but this morning when I saw a picture of them I couldn't laugh which is why I'm asking this question I've gone on dates since we have broken up and it just doesn't feel the same he looks happy in the pictures that his girlfriend takes of them and I just wonder if that means we are done for good


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  • You need to move on it sounds like he has. Yes I would say it is done for good. You are still in high school you have many years to meet lots of guys some will be great others will really suck but the first step is moving on from this guy. I know it really must hurt but take this experience and try to learn from it since you will have many other relationships in your life.


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