Advice needed for trying to get back together with ex boyfriend?

My ex boyfriend and I have been broken up for 3 months. He broke up with me, after dating for a year and a half and living together for a year, because he never took the time needed to recover from his divorce (we got together very soon after). I respected this, even though I did not want it. He told me that he hoped we could resume our relationship after he took this time to himself. We talked marriage, and a future together all of the time. Recently, our contact has been increasing. He has asked me out to lunch twice within the last couple of weeks, and we had dinner together at his house last week. Everything has seemed great and dinner last week seemed like old times. I felt like our rapport has been building well.

Yesterday when we were texting, he mentioned that he was anxious about many aspects of his life and mentioned “making the wrong relationship decision” was one of them (very vague). He then said “I just don’t know what to do with this relationship stuff” and then said he didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t push, and replied saying that I knew our contact and communication has increased lately, so if that had added to his stress we could stop. He said that it wasn’t. We ended up hanging out last night, and he just seemed a little withdrawn (more than what has been displayed as of recent). I always make sure that he is the one to initiate contact with me and never push him to hang out. I make it so he initiates the contact so he doesn’t feel like I’m pressuring him. Should I pull back a bit from him and give him a little space? Opinions are also welcome :) Thank you for the input!


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  • Give him space like you have always done. Let him figure his life.


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