Ex is meeting a girl tonight.

Just a few minutes ago, I learned my ex boyfriend is going to meet with a girl who he has not met before tonight. I know he is looking and it seems that although we are friends, and we chat daily and are going to meet up sometime this month. He told me that he knows what she looks like and has chatted with her a bit. He said it may not happen. He said its not a date and that they are only meeting. But surely it is a date when you meet someone?

is he is doing this so he has someone when I get to meet with him or is he saying this to me to test me?


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  • He is your ex, it shouldn't really bother you what he does unless you still have feelings for him. Its probably a date, he could just be saying that its not. I don't get why a guy would meet up if a randomly girl if he wasn't interested. They probably talk all the time, just like you two do. Maybe through texting or online. You have no idea how this situation is gonna pay out or what intentions are; I just would act like It didn't bother me and wait for him to come to you. I don't really know though what you want from him.

    • I know he is my ex, but it still bothers me when I hear he is dating and I know it shouldn't but I still have feelings for him. He did tell me that the 'date' with the girl went well and they might see each other again but he doesn't know when. So no arrangements have been made as yet. I am going to meet with my ex in a few weeks after a long time. He doesn't know that I still have feelings for him and I am afraid to say something in case it would ruin the friendship we have now

    • So you would rather your feelings be hurt by him dating and seeing other girls, but not by telling him the truth about how you still feel about him regardless of the out come is? I think the second option is better. At least he'll know and you'll know if its worth waiting around for. Odds are if he is seeing other girls, he probably is moving on. You should talk to him soon about this before he is completely gone.

    • Thank you for your reply. I am considering letting him know but I am weighing up the options. He may say he knows anyways, but still will continue to see other girls or he may come back to me or he may just go if I tell him. I don\t want to lose him out of my life completely. We did have a bad break up but became friends again a month later. I know I should probably take a leap of faith and tell him but I don't want to lose the friendship either.

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  • He's giving you a gentle heads up that he is moving on. He is playing the date down because he doesn't want to hurt you. If you haven't already, I would move on.

  • idk whatever the case may be since you are his friend at this point just support him even though it might hurt.


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