Would you be mad if kid's dad gave them his phone number?

So you decide to punish your ex boyfriend and keep your kids away from the dad. he let kids memorise the phone number. And they contact the dad. in secret
  • I would be angry at the kids for contacting dad
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  • I would call cops on the dad
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  • WOULD be angry with the dad
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  • Let the man speak his own kids please girls
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  • If this is an actual serious question the woman could get in legal trouble, assuming there is no court order against the man.

    There is such a thing as father's rights, and if it were me and my ex was keeping me from my kids, you can bet your ass there would be legal action taken.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Well, yes. The only case that I'd keep the kid away from the father would be if I felt that the father was a danger to our child and being around him would lead them to being harmed. Obviously then, I don't want my kids to have a way of contacting him if I'm scared he'll hurt them.

  • Honestly why are you trolling with this

  • I wouldn't be mad

  • Did you seriously make another account to ask this?


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