Do women love divorce?

Hmmm vagimoney aka alimony and child support for having a vagina.
I mean who wouldn't love to get a free, steady stream of money just for being an alive woman? I know I would take free money too if I could but since i'm male i would be the one paying for it.
I can clearly see the appeal of having all the benefits in a marriage and especially after divorcing. In this capitalized world it's a ticket to a solid financial stability without the need to really work because someone else is forced to fund for it at it's expenses. It's a bit like early retirement.

The system is amazing. If you are a divorced woman.
I don't blame women for being so hyped and excited for marriage at all. They're just taking their chances because why not. She gains and he loses.
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Women hate divorce
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u r migtao!
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Do women love divorce?
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