Do women love divorce?

Hmmm vagimoney aka alimony and child support for having a vagina.
I mean who wouldn't love to get a free, steady stream of money just for being an alive woman? I know I would take free money too if I could but since i'm male i would be the one paying for it.
I can clearly see the appeal of having all the benefits in a marriage and especially after divorcing. In this capitalized world it's a ticket to a solid financial stability without the need to really work because someone else is forced to fund for it at it's expenses. It's a bit like early retirement.

The system is amazing. If you are a divorced woman.
I don't blame women for being so hyped and excited for marriage at all. They're just taking their chances because why not. She gains and he loses.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If you really think that a woman can live a comfortable life off of child support I have bad news for you.

    • I'm listening...

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    • I'm not saying that he should be forced to pay more, but it definitely isn't enough for me to live off just that. And it there was definitely no money left that my mom could have 'leeched off' before I moved out.

    • That's interesting.
      So you happen to know if he has to pay alimoney?
      But I'm also interested in real examples of Americans divorces and how much the divorced men are forced to be financially siphoned.

Most Helpful Guy

  • They sure love alimony and child support.

    • Hell yes. And being divorced is the only way to be granted such easy money for just existing.

    • Thanks for mho and yeah, even welfare isn't as easy.

    • The truth deserves to be known.

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What Girls Said 6

  • Nobody loves divorce! I'm sorry it didn't work out with your girl, but that's no reason to wallow in bitterness like this.

    • u wot wom8
      i never had a girlfriend. how can you be sorry for me?

    • Well, I figured SOMETHING bad had to have happened for you to be this bitter.

    • I need help :( 💔
      there are some really terrible women out there.

  • Who on earth loves divorce? Divorce is not just about getting money... it's life altering. It hurts your children and makes you fear an unknown future and what not...

  • Nobody likes it unless they have a bad relationship

  • As for me divorce is a horrible thing, I have loved and will loved only once but if he insists then I have to let him go and make him happy. That would be very sad.

  • Alimony is paid by the one who earns more, and if you marry a girl who only wants to be a housewife or earns significantly less than you because she looks good, then don't expect in a case of divorce to just walk away from her leaving nothing for her if you happen to have a child...

  • Your troll game is weak bro.


What Guys Said 2

  • Yes and no. Women will get money from men. Stuff she wants from home, etc. Sad from the men/women. Divorce sucks. People have to find their True Loves.

  • Id like to never experience this.. I I'm trying to be like my parents but you never know


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